If a newcomer to the world of games of chance astonishes why many internet gambling resources let their customers play free online casino games, he must know that casinos have their reasons for it. The main one is that they do hope to get a new client, who will in future invest real money in these (or similar) casino games online. Meanwhile, the word “free” in gambling can have many meanings — from the “no-money proposition” to attractive bonuses for some activities of a player. These bonuses that allow players get some benefits will be discussed below.

Casino games online with bonuses — how to play for free

The number one thing that should be mentioned here sounds like this: almost all licensed online casino games Canada slots can be tried without real-money investments: just a special bonus must be activated. Traditionally, it is given to every new player, when he registers at a casino, fills a special form in leaving personal information there, and confirms it. The latter is usually made through email or/and the phone number (text message or a call).

These bonuses can be credited (if a wager is involved, which means that they must be returned to a casino later), or provided really “for free”. No-wager no-deposit offers are rare propositions in internet casinos, but if a person takes time searching for them, he will succeed. These gifts are given as:

  • Free spins that can be made playing certain casino games online (slots mostly);
  • Free time to try various games;
  • Real money (usually, cash under 30-50 CAD).

If any deposit is involved, bonuses are given always, but this does not refer to “free” gifts.

Live real-money casino games in Canada

As online gambling in Canada is a tax-free entertainment and the way to make money without paying any percent from the winnings, Canadians gamble with pleasure. They often pick live casino games online, which seems to be the most “honest” propositions. No RNG is involved here, so the chance that they will be “deceived” equals zero. Besides, it is always a double excitement to stay in comfort at home and play with a croupier, a live person, who connects with you in real time from a casino.

Almost all live game players use bonuses, but no one of these games can be played for free. Money is invested in the game beforehand in 100%. A part of this money goes to cover the salary of the live dealers. Playing live games becomes possible only after a gamer registers at a picked casino, chooses the way he wants to deposit his money and withdraw wins, replenish his playing account (at least the minimum deposit sum should be used). Besides, he should certainly, confirm the data he provides to the casino.

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